Tundra wolf snow sledge with steering and brakes

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Our sledges are designed for any kid from the age of 6 up to adult and will last you years thanks to the high-quality specifications. The Tundra wolf snow sledge fits two children or one big teenager. Make sure the weight distribution is optimal. Children will find the racing sledge ergonomic thanks to the curved and elevated seat. Our sledge is supplied with a simple, step-by-step manual for the 15 min assembly job (all tools supplied).


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Intended use: Snow

Recommended age: 6-adult. Max weight 100kgs.

Size: 51 (L) X 20 (W) x 15 (h) inches

Weight: 230 oz

Units per pack: 1 

Material: Powder-coated steel


Tundra wolf racing sled manual


Test Winner on Germany's leading consumer site (www.vergleich.org/lenkschlitten/).

Speedy! The Tundra wolf racing sledge is built up with fast side and front runners attached to a classic go-kart frame. On conditions ranging from hard frost to fresh snow, kids will have loads of fun racing friends and family on this great-looking sledding toboggan!

Safe & controlled! This metal sit and scoot sled is equipped with twin foot brakes, a steering wheel and a stopper on the front tube to ensure steering doesn’t override on any steep downhill runs. The tow leash has a safe carabiner attachment, so children younger than 6 can be towed on flat ground or enjoy a ride on gentler outdoor slopes!

Durable! The frame is all-steel and powder-coated and the seat has a latticed design that handles impact well. The robust design allows two kids or an adult to race down the hills with speed and control.

Unique features! This classic winter toy for kids has been beautifully designed with cool graphics which the children will love! It comes attractively boxed and the ergonomic seat suits children and teens of most ages.

Ideal gift! Kids will be thrilled the moment they unpack their new steerable snow sledge! Well-designed throughout, it’s the perfect present for Christmas or winter birthdays. With a WEIGHT limit of 100kg and a seat over 20cm off the ground, adults can have great fun too!

The Tundra wolf sledge is dispatched either fully assembled or flat-packed. They take about 20 minutes to assemble - please see the sledge assembly video.

Tundra wolf
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