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Colourful Lumberjack’s crayons (classic timber crayons for wet and dry wood, masonry and metal), Carpenter’s pencils (flat pencils which don’t roll away when you’re hard at work), Welder’s chalk (cool, durable soapstone, heat-resistant and ultra-strong) and the Team Magnus multi-tool hammer.

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Intended use: Outdoors wood and DIY projects
Recommended age: 8 yrs-adult
Size: Multi-tool measures 15x7,5cm. Max length for crayon/chalk/pencil is 18cm, min size is 10cm
Weight: 460 grammes
Units per pack: 15 pieces incl multi-tool
Colours: black, green, navy, red, orange, yellow
Material: all-weather crayons, pencils, soapstone, stainless steel hammer
Made in Hertfordshire, Great Britain (multi-tool made in Zhejiang, China)


Lumberjack crayon offers strong, effective, all-weather and all-purpose crayon for timber, masonry and metal. Longer-lasting than chalk, we supply six different colours (1.2x12cm).
Carpenter’s pencils are handy and rectangular pencils for all worksites. We supply them in blue, red or green with graphite core (1.8x18 cm).
Welder’s chalk is white soapstone: durable, heat-resistant, no dust, high-precision (1x1x 10cm).
Multi-function hammer in solid stainless steel with mini-saw, mini-wrenches, bottle opener, screwdriver and knife (15x7,5cm). Great 230 gramme weight for impact, and ideal size for kids, for travelling and for attaching to your belt.

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