Devilfish 18ft slip & slide

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Double lanes for racing, built-in water sprinkler system, crash pad and robust quality offer hours of fun for children ages 5-12 years. The heavy duty 0.22mm PVC and the enclosed waterproof duct tape mean the family will get several seasons' use out of the Devilfish slip and slide. Set-up takes a minute. Connects with standard garden hoses thanks to the enclosed adapter. Crash pad inflated with air pump or lung power.

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Intended use: Garden play, parties

Recommended age: age 5-12

Size: 18ft x 5.25ft

Weight: 105 oz

Units per pack: 1

Colour: Green

Material: Heavy duty 0.22mm PVC

Made in Zhejiang, China


Devilfish slip and slide manual - EU and UK


Entirely made of heavy-duty 0.22mm PVC plastic, 38% thicker and heavier than the industry standard. Comes with a sturdy pegging system with stakes that attach to the ground, a tough inflatable crash pad and 2m of waterproof duct tape for instant repairs.

The inflatable cushion at the end can be blown up manually, or faster still with an electric air pump.
No outdoor water hose? A bucketful of soapy water does the job for lots of slippery races!

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