Team Magnus XL 31ft slip and slide

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Our biggest slip and slide that’s designed for several seasons of fun. The Team Magnus slip and slide will keep your kids happy and active outdoors for hours. Even at over 31ft long and 5ft wide our most popular inflatable water slide still only takes a minute to set up.

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Intended use: Garden play, parties

Recommended age: age 5-12

Size: 31ft x 5ft

Weight: 176 oz

Units per pack: 1

Material: Heavy-duty 0.22mm PVC

Made in Zhejiang, China


Devilfish slip and slide manual - EU and UK


US' top-selling slip and slide: The popular Team Magnus 31ft slide is long enough to challenge older kids. With the XL inflatable crash pad at the end, younger kids will also have fun as they race into it, or just cooling down as the water pool builds up.

Built to last:Constructed from heavy-duty PVC that’s 38% thicker than industry-standard slip and slides. Attention to detail from the welding to the pressure points around the 6 pegs means kids can expect several seasons' fun out of the Team Magnus XL slip and slide. For minor tears during rough play, we include a 6' roll of extra-wide, waterproof duct tape for instant repairs.

Instant fun:We’ve designed the Devilfish XL 31ft slip and slide so that kids can take charge themselves. Roll out your slide on a flat lawn or in a slight gradient, peg it in place with the 6 included pegs, inflate the crash pad with a foot/hand pump. You can also blow it up manually. Connect your garden hose to the universal attachment, turn the water on max pressure, and go!

Team Magnus pro tip: We advise the Team Magnus 4-color bodyboard race set for kids of all ages. However, hardcore slip and slide play doesn't require more gear: you may consider adding lawn- and insect-friendly biodegradable soap for extra speed.

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